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Drink Recipes

[one_third][accordions][accordion_item title=”Blue Motorcycle”]
½ Shot Blue Curacao

½ Shot Gin

½ Shot of Light Rum

½ Shot of White Tequila

½ Shot of Vodka

Fill with 7-Up

1-2 Splashes of Sour Mix

(Mix all, Fill with 7-up, and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Roll!”]
2 ½ Raspberry Vodka

1 Dash Grenadine

Fill with ½ Lemonade

Fill with ½ Sprite

(Mix, Pour, Fill with Sprite, and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Yellow Monster”]
1 Shot Bourbon

1 Shot Gin

2 Shots Coconut Rum

1 ½ Shot Straight Grain Whiskey

Fill with Orange Juice

2 Ice Cubes

(Mix, Add ice, Top with orange juice, Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Beam In Red Sharp”]
1 oz. Bourbon

½ oz. Brandy

½ oz. Raspberry


1 ½ oz. (Cranberry)

Fruit Juice

1 Handful of Ice

(Swish around in glass and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Angel’s Blue Eyes”]
½ oz. Blue Curacao

½ oz. Hpnotiq

½ oz. Coconut Rum

Fill with Red Bull

(Shake, Pour over ice, and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Sour Fungus”]
1 oz. Sour Apple Pucker

3 oz. Ginger Ale

1 Splash Lime Juice

2 Pinches of Powdered Sugar

(Mix, Top with powdered sugar, and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Hairy Hangover”]
1 Shot Jagermeister

1 Shot Vodka

Fill with Cherry Soda

1 Dash of Hot Sauce

17/100 oz. Lemon Juice

(Mix everything, Pour, Fill with Cherry Soda, and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”The All American”]
½ qt. Blue Curacao

1 gal. White Rum

½ qt. Peach Schnapps

1 gal. Vodka

½ qt. Cranberry Juice

½ qt Lemonade

½ qt. Orange Juice

1 qt. Sprite

(Pour into a BIG bowl and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Purple People Drinker”]
1 oz. Sour Blue Pucker

1 oz. Sour Raspberry Pucker

2 oz. Vodka

3 oz. Cranberry Juice

(Mix and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Tennessee Mud”]
1 oz. Amaretto

1 oz. Jack Daniel’s

1 Cup of Coffee

Whipped Cream

(Mix, Pour, Top with whipped cream, Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Blue Hawaiian”]
1 oz. Blue Curacao

1 oz. Light Rum

1 oz. Cream of Coconut

2 oz. Pineapple Juice

1 Whole Cherry

1 Slice of Pinapple

1 Cup of Ice[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Jolly Drunken Rancher”]
1 Shot Canadian Whiskey

1 Shot Apple Schnapps

1 Shot Peach Schnapps

1 Shot Watermelon Schnapps

1 Splash of 7-Up

1 Shot Cranberry Juice

(Mix, Pour, Top with 7-up, and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Stupid Pucker”]
½ oz. Vodka

½ oz. Sour Apple Pucker[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”God Father”]
½ Scotch

½ Amaretto

(Pour and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Strawberry-Peach Fusion”]
2 oz. Peach Schnapps

½ oz. Vodka

½ oz. Grenadine

¼ oz. Lime Juice

½ oz. Sour Mix

3 Whole Strawberries

2 Cups of Ice

(Blend and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Maggie May”]
1 Part Vodka

2 Parts Peach Nectar

1 tbsp. Brown Sugar

1 tbsp. Honey

1 slice Peach

(Mix, Pour, Top with Peach, and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Climax”]
½ oz. Amaretto

½ oz. White creme de Cocoa

½ oz. Banana Liqueur

½ oz. Triple Sec

½ oz. Vodka

1 oz. Cream

(Mix, Top with Cream, and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Cowboy Up!”]
1 oz. Hpnotiq

¾ oz. Cinnamon Schnapps

¾ oz. Vanilla Schnapps

½ oz. Pepper Vodka

1 oz. Canadian Whiskey[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Hawaiian Island Sunset”]
1 oz. Amaretto

1 oz. Coconut Rum

1 ½ oz. Mango Rum

1 oz. Peach Schnapps

1 Dash Grenadine

2 oz. Lemonade

Fill with Pineapple Juice

(Blend, Pour, Fill the rest of the way up with pineapple juice, and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Beast Master”]
2 ct. Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila,

Triple Sec

Roses Lime


Orange Jiuce

(Blend with ice, Pour, and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Burnt Almond”]

¾ Amaretta

1 ¾ Vodka

2 ct. Cream[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Salty Pink Cherry Popper”]3 Dashes Vodka

2 Dashes Cherry Vodka

Fill with Pink Grapefruit Juice

1 Cherry

1 Cup

crushed ice

(Salt the Rim of the glass, Put Ice in in cup, add all ingredients, Stir, Put Cherry on top, and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Pink Danger”]1 Part Butterscotch Schnapps

2 Parts Vodka

3 Parts Fruit Punch

(Mix them all up and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Screw Gin Fizz”]2 oz. Gin

1 oz. Triple Sec

Fill with Orange Juice

2 oz. Tonic Water

1 Lime Wedge

(Pour over ice, Fill with orange juice, Stair, and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”’57 Chevy”]
1 oz. Gin

1 oz. Southern Comfort

1 Dash Grenadine

Fill with Orange Juice

Fill with Pineapple Juice

(Pour over ice and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Emerald Breeze”]½ oz. Melon Liqueur

1 oz. Coconut


1 Dash Carbonated Water

1 Dash Ginger Ale

¼ oz. Lime Juice

1 Quarter Lime

1 Dash Sugar Syrup

(Pour all over ice, top with ginger, ale and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Ramoz Fizz”]
1 ½

Shot Dry Gin

1 egg white

2/3 Shot whipped cream

3 Dashes Orange


Juice of ½ lime juice of ½ Lemon

½ cup of ice



Confectioner’s sugar

(Blend all together, pour into glass and coat the rim in sugar, and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Stinger”]1 Shot Brandy

1 Shot White crème de


½ Crushed or Cracked Ice

(Blend, Strain, and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Cider Fizz”]
2 Shots Gold Label Rum

¼ Cup Chilled Apple Cider

1 Tablespoon of Sugar

½ Cups of Ice

Ginger Ale (chilled)

(Blend all, Pour, Fill with Ginger ale, and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Snicker’s Bar”]½ oz. Irish Cream

½ oz. Dark

crème de Cacao

½ oz. Frangelico

(Combine and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Freaky Girl”]½ Shot


1 shot Vodka

1 Cranberry Juice

1 dash


1 Part Orange Juice

1 Part Pineapple Juice

(Add the vodka and Amerretto, add juices End with Grenedine, and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Simple Cocaine”]1 oz. Amaretto

1 oz. Southern Comfort

Fill with Pineapple Juice

(All over ice and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Purple Hooters”]
1 Part Raspberry Liqueur

1 Part Vodka

1 Part Sour Mix

(Enjoy)[/accordion_item][accordion_item title=”Georgio”]
2 oz coffee liqueur

2 oz Irish cream

1 banana

½ cup light cream[/accordion_item][/accordions][/one_third][one_third][accordions][accordion_item title=”Golden Cadi”]
¾ oz. Banana Liqueur

¾ oz. Gallianno

¾ oz. Light crème de Cocoa

2 oz. Crème[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Grasshopper”]
¾ oz. Light crème de Cocoa

¾ oz. Light cremede Menthe’

2 oz crème

(Chill and  Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”God Mother”]
½ Vodka

½ Amaretto

(Pour and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Banana Banshee”]
½ oz. White crème de Cocoa

½ oz. Crème de Banana

2 oz. Cream

Ice / Blend[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Sex on the Beach”]
2/3 oz. Peach Schnapps

1 ⅓ oz. Vodka

1 ⅓ oz. Cranberry Juice

1 ⅓ oz. Orange Juice[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Gimlet”]
1 Shot Vodka or Gin

¾ Triple Sec

2 oz. Roses Lime Juice

(Shake with ice, Strain, and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Fuzzy Leprechaun”]
1 Shot Vodka

1 Shot Peach Schnapps

3 oz. Orange Juice

½ oz. Blue Curacoa[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Zombie”]
1 ¾ oz. Rum

1 ct. crème de Noja

2 ct. Apricot Brandy

2 ct. Orange Juice

2 ct. Pineapple[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Tom Collins”]
¼ Sugar

¼ Gin

¼ Sour

Top off with 7-Up

(Dissolve sugar in juice, Add ice cubes, Gin, Soda, and Stir well)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Brandy Alexander”]
1 oz. Crème de cacoa

1 ½ oz. Brandy

1 oz. Heavy Cream

(Shake with ice then strain and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Pina Colada”]
2 oz. Light Rum

2 tbsp. Coconut Milk

4 oz. Pineapple Juice

(Blend with ice and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Kaikaze”]
1 oz. Lime Juice

1 oz. Triple Sec

1 oz. Vodka

(Shake, Pour over ice and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Melonball”]
1 Part Melon Schnapps

1 Part Vodka

4 Parts Orange Juice

(Pour over ice and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Funky Monkey”]
1 Part Banana Liqueur

1 Part Light Rum

½ Part Coconut Rum

3 Parts Pineapple Juice

(Pour over ice and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Jagerita”]
½ oz. Jagermeister

½ oz. Tequila

A Squeeze of Lime[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Blue Hawaii”]
1 Part Blue Curacoa

1 Part Vodka

1 Part Sour Mix

2 Parts Pineapple Juice

(Serve over ice and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Wind Jammer”]
1 ¾ oz. Amaretto

2 ct. Orange juice

2 ct. Pineapple Juice[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Something Fruity”]
½ oz. Vodka

1 oz. Blackberry Liqueur

½ oz. Peach Schnapps

1 oz. Melon Liqueur

1 Splash of Cranberry Juice

Fill with Pineapple Juice

(Shake all except pineapple juice with ice, Strain in a mug fill with pineapple juice)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Whiskey Sour (Old Fashioned)”]
1 ½ oz. Straight Grain Whiskey

2 Dashes Bitters

2 Dashes Cherry Juice

5 oz. Sour Mix

(muddle sugar, bitters, soda; add ice cubes, cherry orange slice, lemon slice)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Screwdriver”]
1 Part Vodka

2 Parts Orange Juice

(Pour into glass over ice cubes and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Blue Parrot”]
¼ Vodka

¼ Rum

1 oz. Blue Cura

Sour Mix

(Shake up and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”A-Rang-A-Tang”]
1 Shot Banana Liqueur

1 Shot Coconut Rum

1 Shot White Rum

3 Shots Orange Juice

2 Shots Pineapple Juice

3 tbsp. Tang (Drink Mix)

3 tbsp. Powdered Sugar

(Blend with ice, Pour, and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Pink Mouth Orgasm”]
Lemon Juice

2 Shots Rum

½ Shot of Strawberry Daiquiri Mix

Mix to the taste with Lemonade

1 tbsp. Strawberries ( Frozen or Sliced)

(Shake, Pour over ice, Add strawberries, and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Starbreeze”]
1½ oz. Vodka

1 ½ oz. Grape Fruit Juice

(Pour over ice and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”A Big Pink Drink”]
1 oz. Coconut Rum

1 Dash of Grenadine

6 oz. Milk

(Rum over ice, Fill with milk, Dash of grenadine, and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Tequila Sunrise”]
1 ½ oz. White Tequila

½ oz. Grenadine

3 oz. Orange Juice[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Fizzy Pink Russian”]
4 oz. Sparkling Wine

1 oz. Vodka

(Half way fill collins glass with ice, Add vodka then top with wine, And Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Orange Crush”]
1 Shot Orange Juice

1 Shot Triple Sec

1 Shot Orange Vodka

(Pour over ice and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Diamond Margarita”]1 oz. Orange Liqueur

1 oz. Gold Tequila

1 oz. White Tequila

1 oz. Triple Sec

1 oz. Lime

[accordion_item title=”Mojito”]
1 ⅓ oz. Light Rum

Fill with Club Soda

1 oz. Lime Juice

2 Wedges Lime

12 Mint Leaves

1 ½ oz. Sugar Syrup[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Alice In Wonderland”]1 Part Amaretto

1 Part Grand Mariner

1 Part Southern Comfort[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Jager Monster”]
1 ½ oz. Jagermeister

½ oz. Grenadine

Fill with Orange Juice

(Add jager, Fill with orange, all over ice, add grenadine, and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Bacardi Cocktail”]2 Shots Bacardi Rum

Juice of

½ of a Lime

2 Dashes of Grenadine

½ Cup of Ice

(Blend, Strain, Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Orange Banana Smoothie”]
1 cup cold milk

2 peeled orange segmented

1 banana

1/4 cup sugar

1 pinch salt

8 oz vanilla fat-free yoghurt

4 ice cubes[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Flaming Mouthwash”]
½ oz Blue Curacao liqueur

½ oz green creme de menthe

1 tsp Everclear® alcohol

Pour the green creme de menthe into a shot glass. Add blue curacao, top with Everclear, and ignite. Take care, and extinguish before consuming.[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Show Girl”]
½ Shot Butterscotch Schnapps

½ Shot Vanilla Vodka

8 oz. Energy Drink

(Pour and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Bare Cheeks”]1 oz. Vodka

2 oz. Apple Juice

2 tsp. Grenadine

1 tsp. Lemon Juice

(Shake with ice, Strain, and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Eggnog”]⅓ cup Sugar

2 Egg Yolk

¼ Cups Milk

3 tbs Sugar

Brandy or Rum to taste

(Shake, Pour, and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”B-52″]1 Part Irish Cream

1 Part Grand Marnier

1 Part Kahlua

(Pour in layers and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Bahama Mama”]
½ oz. Dark Rum

½ oz. Coconut Liqueur

¼ oz. 151 Rum

¼ oz. Coffee Liqueur

Juice of one half Lemon

4 oz. Pineapple Juice

(Pour over ice and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Fuzzy Navel”]
3 oz. Peach Schnapps

3 oz. Orange Juice

(Combine, Pour over ice, Add Orange Slice, and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Manhattan”]
1 Part Sweet Vermouth

3 Parts Blended Whiskey

(Stir with cracked ice, Strain, Serve with cherry, Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Gin ‘n Tonic”]
Juice and Rind of ¼ Lemon

1 ½ or 2 oz. Dry Gin

Tonic Water

(Put lime wedge, Gin, Ice Cubes in8 oz. Glass, Fill with Tonic, and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Bloody Mary”]
1 ½ oz. Vodka

3 oz. Tomato Juice

Dash Worcestershire Sauce

Dash of Tabasco Sauce

(Add Celery, Shake with ice, Strain, and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Cape Codder”]
1 ½ oz. Vodka

3 oz. Cranberry Juice

1 tbsp. Lime Juice

(Pour over ice, Stir, Add Lime Wedge, and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”White Russian”]
1 ½ oz. Vodka

¾ oz. Coffee Liqueur

(Put in glass over ice, Add milk or cream , and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Martini”]
1 Part Dry Vermouth

3 Parts Gin

(Stir with ice, Strain, Pour into glass, Add Olive or Lemon Twist, and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Margarita”]
1 ½ oz. Tequila

½ oz. Triple Sec

1 oz. Lime or Lemon Juice

(Salt the rim, Shake with ice, and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Long Island Iced Tea”]
½ oz. Vodka

½ oz. Gin

½ oz. Light Rum

½ oz. Tequila

(½ lemon Juice, Fill with cola, Add slice of lemon, and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Black Russian”]
1 ½ oz. Vodka

¾ oz. Coffee Liqueur

Dash of Lemon Juice

(Stir over ice, Add lemon twist, and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Alabama Slammer”]
1 oz. Amaretto

1 oz. Southern Comfort

½ oz. Sloe Gin

(Stir over ice, Add dash of Lemon juice, and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Daiquiri”]
Juice of ½ a lime

1 tsp. Powder Sugar

1 ½ oz. Of Light Rum

(Shake with ice, Strain, and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Blueberry Pie”]
½ oz. Irish Cream

1 oz. Licor 43

1 oz. Blueberry Vodka

1 Splash of Cream

(Shake with ice, Strain, and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Peanut Butter and Jelly Shots”]
1 Part Peanut Butter Vodka

1 Part Grape Vodka

(Mix and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Creamsicle Dream”]
1 Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream

Fill with Orange Juice

1 ½ oz. Coconut Rum

(Make it as a Float or as a Blend, earthier way it great)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Green Dream”]
3 Scoops Lime Sherbert

1 Scoop Vanilla Ice Cream

Fill with Sprite

3 oz. Lime Rum[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Pandalicious”]
1 oz. Sour Blue Pucker

1 oz. Coconut Rum

2 Dashes Sour Mix

(Mix with Ice, Strain, and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”My Lady Luck “]
½ Shot Coconut Rum

1 Shot Lemon Rum

2 oz. Cranberry Juice

4 oz. Orange Juice

Pour over ice or strain out of ice (just to chill) and Enjoy[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”A Southern Screw”]
2 oz. Vodka

2 oz. Southern Comfort

Fill with Orange Juice

(Pour over ice, and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Mai Tai”]
½ oz. Orange Curacao

1 oz. Light Rum

1 oz. Dark Rum

⅓ oz. Fresh Lime Juice

½ oz. Orgeat Syrup

1/6 oz. Sugar Syrup

(Shake, Stair, Garnish with pineapple, and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Chocolate Confusion”]
½ oz. Dark crème de Cacao

½ oz. Frangelico

½ oz. Vanilla Rum

½ oz Vodka

5 oz. Milk

1 oz. Chocolate Syrup

(Shake, Serve,and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Key Lime Pie”]1 ¼ oz. Licor 43

1 ¼ oz. Light Cream

¾ oz. Lime Juice

(Shake with ice,

Strain, and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Peanut Butter and Apples”]
1 Part Peanut Butter Vodka

1 Part Apple Vodka

(Mix and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Black Hole Sun”]¾ oz. Tequila Rose Black Vodka

1 oz. Orange Curacao

½ oz. Sambuca

1 oz. Orange Juice

(Pour, Stir, Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Buttery Nipple”]
1 Part Irish Cream

1 Part Butterscotch Schnapps

(Layer and Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Porn Star”]
1 oz. Blue Curacao

1 oz. Sour Raspberry Pucker

Fill with 7-Up (Enjoy)[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title=”Horsley’s Honor”]
1 ½ oz gin

½ oz dry vermouth

½ oz Applejack® brandy

½ oz triple sec

1 slice orange[/accordion_item]

[accordion_item title=”+ Blackberry & Vodka  Lemonade +”]2 oz. yuzu juice
1  oz. lime juice
1 oz. lemon juice
1 oz. agave nectar
3 oz. vodka
1 handful of muddled blackberries

  • Have anthocyanin, an antioxidant that helps prevent cancer and
    other age-related diseases.
  • A recent study found that adding ethanol — the type of alcohol found in vodka — to blackberries boosts
    their antioxidant levels.


  • Rich source of vitamin  C.
  • Help prevent and treat infections and fever.
  • Effective in helping digestion ailments.
  • Natural antiseptic.


[accordion_item title=”+ Cucumber and Mint Gimlet +”]Gin
Fresh lime  juice
Mint Cucumber water

  • High in vitamin C.
  • Helps soothe skin.
  • Rich in fiber.
  • Contains a variety of beneficial minerals including silica, potassium and magnesium.
  • High water content.
  • Helps with kidney, urinary, bladder, liver and pancreatic disease.


[accordion_item title=”+ White Wine Sangria +”]Fresh fruit
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
2 tablespoons agave nectar
1 bottle white wine

  • The pulp of the grapes used to make white wine contains polyphenols and antioxidants.
  • One study linked antioxidants in white wine to better lung function.


  • Rich in antioxidants that work to reduce the buildup of (bad) LDL cholesterol in
    artery walls that contributes to cardiovascular disease and stroke.
  • Help neutralize harmful byproducts of metabolism called free radicals that
    can lead to cancer and other age-related diseases.
  • Contain high levels of antioxidants known as polyphenols.


  • Contain vitamin C and fiber and only 45 calories per cup.
  • In disease-fighting antioxidants, cranberries outrank nearly every fruit and vegetable.
  • One cup of whole cranberries has 8,983 total anti-oxidant capacity.

[accordion_item title=”+ Melon Kiwi-Tini +”]
½ ripe cantaloupe
2 kiwis, peeled
1 oz. lime juice
1 oz. agave nectar
4 oz. sake

  • One of the most nutrient-dense fruits
  • A single kiwi has just as much vitamin C and fiber as an orange.
  • One of the few low-fat sources of vitamin E (10% of the RDA), with just 50 calories.


  • Just one quarter of cantaloupe provides nearly half the recommended daily requirement of beta-carotene and is a rich source of vitamin C.
  • Helps protect your body against stress.
  • Plays a role in protecting cells.
  • Neutralizes free radicals.
  • Helps reduce your chance of illness and improves recovery time.


Items marked with + are part of “The Doctors Healthy Cocktails”

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