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Customer Feedback

“We’ve been coming to the Bristol Races for 20 years and make Parkway Wine & Liquor our first stop when we get to town. The staff is fantastic and even remembers us every visit. That’s rare! They have the best prices and selection in Bristol area. This is our liquor store away from home.”

Steve B.
Lansing, MI

“I’ve lived in Bristol my entire life. Parkway Wine & Liquor is one of the first package stores to open in Bristol back in the early 80’s. Others have opened in recent years but this remains the best. The staff is very helpful in making recommendations when I want to try something new. It’s just a great place to shop!.”

Mary B.
Bristol, TN

“We entertain a lot and also have been involved in planning a lot of large events for fundraisers, golf tournaments, etc. Parkway Wine & Liquor is my “go to” place for all of my adult beverage needs. They help me with what to buy, how much to buy and they will special order when I need it. They just make it all very easy for me.”

Karen J.
Bristol, TN

“I live in Virginia and won’t shop anywhere but Parkway Wine & Liquor. Their prices and selection are MUCH better than I can get in Virginia ABC stores, and the staff goes out of their way to help with recommendations and even loads my purchases in my car for me. Who does that anymore?”

Paul W.
Abingdon, VA